Services (Price Included)


Cleaning and Exam (Special)                                           

Special Package: ONLY $90 (for Children)/$110 (for Adult):

  • Set of full mouth X-ray 
  • Cleaning Service 
  • Dentist Examination and Prescription




  • Simple Extraction
  • Complicated Extraction

Baby Treatment (Special)

  • Composite (Simple Filling)
  • Baby Root Canal
  • Stainless Steel Crown (Silver or Cosmetic)
  • Sealants (Protect 4 New-Grew Molar Teeth)

Special Package ($50 OFF): Root Canal + Stainless Steel Crown                                                   (X-ray and Examination not included)


Space Maintainer

 keep the space open to allow the permanent tooth to erupt and come into place



Special Package $2500:

  • Initial Fee: $300
  • Monthly Payment: $100/month

Treated by experienced orthodontist Perry Tri Do DDS

Package does not include panoramic X-ray